Who is Slyde?

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Slyde is a social network built by a diverse team out of Portland, Oregon in the United States. Slyde has a familiar but innovative approach to being a social network. Slyde offers things such as anonymous likes and dislikes, personas, and vibrant communities.

Our team is diverse and our priority
is our users. Ideas. Not idealism.

When we set out to create a new social network we knew it was going to be hard. To make it work we needed a team that spanned the political spectrum and had the vision and determination to take on giants. Slyde works due in no small part to the wide ranging views of the founding team. The team doesn't think the same, but we all have the same goal: To bring people together the way social networks should have always done.

The Journey of Slyde.

The journey of Slyde started 10 years ago when Tony and Pat felt like the direction Facebook was going was missing the mark on what people wanted in a social network. Ultimately, they shelved the idea until Tony picked it back up again in early 2020.

Tony felt like the meaning of social media had been lost and our identities lost with it. Everybody was yelling yet nobody had a voice. People had no personalities online because they had no privacy. That idea Pat and Tony came up with a decade prior might not have been right then, but it felt right now.

By the time Slyde launched to just friends and family in late 2020, the world was in turmoil. Especially in the United States where a divisive election was taking place, not long after a summer full of protests. All occurring during a world-wide pandemic. Families and friends were being split apart at the seams. It seems Slyde had arrived just in time.

Slyde's mission is to bring people back together and give them back their voice. Everyone has the right to freely express themselves. Slyde is a platform where the community has the power.

Need a Press Kit or want to talk to us about Slyde?

For more information contact us at press@slyde.network. For any other inquires contact us at contact@slyde.network.